Designer Of Controversial Shirt Speaks Up About BTS’s Japanese Event Cancellation, Talks Meaning Behind Shirt


It looks like we haven’t seen the last of the controversy surrounding Jimin and that shirt he wore a year ago!

The sudden cancellation of BTS’s performance on “Music Station” was explained by their side that it was because of the shirt Jimin wore and the controversy it created. The shirt commemorates the day Korea was liberated from the Japanese rule in 1945. The T-Shirt includes graphics of Korean celebrating the liberation as well as an atomic bomb detonating in Japan, the atomic bomb contributed to the surrender of Japan and thus Korea’s liberation.

In light of the news making headlines again, the CEO of the company that created the shirt Lee Kwang Jae of LJ Company, sat down for an interview and explained what he meant with the t-shirt design and talked about BTS.

He said,

“It was not a design to mock Japan or for the anti-Japanese sentiment.”

He added,

“Back then when I started the brand, Fashion Street was the trend. I personally was interested in that theme so I made the t-shirt, thinking that if I put a scene of history into what young people wore, they might become interested in history.”

About the atomic bomb image, he said,

“It wasn’t to mock Japan. I did it to express the historical truth and the timing after the bomb detonated and how it contributed to the surrender of Japan which led to independence.”

He also talked about BTS’s canceled appearance on “Music Station” and how the company explained it was because of the t-shirt, he said,

“When I found out, I was flustered and apologetic. I had no intention to promote anti-Japanese sentiment and I am so sorry towards BTS.”

On the other hand, Big Hit Entertainment told Sports DongA,

“There are no major changes to BTS’s promotion in Japan.”

What do you think of this?

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My Thoughts

Now that he explains it, I understand it better from his side.

Although I do understand where he’s coming from and why he did it, I also understand if Japanese people feel sad and angry because of the photo regardless of what he was going for.

Fans are angry because I, among other websites, are covering this story but with all honesty, this is what “Music Station” is saying and they’re blaming the shirt, whether you believe it or not is up to you. Its not like I am making up their statement.

Of course, the issue between Korea and Japan right now is not good and many say it has never been THAT good and its understandable why Koreans feel that way about Japan and why they have trouble letting go of the past, I don’t blame them.

I just hope that Jimin knows that its not because of his shirt. Maybe, “Music Station” just wanted place the blame on the shirt but their true motive for the postponement of the event is because of what everyone knows already.


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