To all the fans who have been waiting for a confirmation about E’Dawn’s situation with his agency and Pentagon, I finally have the answer!

After a long couple of turbulent months, and on November 14, Cube Entertainment released an official short statement confirming E’Dawn’s departure from the group and from the agency.

Cube Entertainment responded to an exclusive report by News1 that reported E’Dawn’s departure, they said,

“Cube Entertainment and E’Dawn have agreed to terminate their exclusive contract on November 14.

We sincerely thank the artist and the fans who have been with us until now.”

The statement was just that, a short one!

E’Dawn issue with his agency started back in August when he and his girlfriend HyunA decided to personally announce they had been dating (for two years) after Cube Entertainment had already responded to the rumors with a firm ‘NO.’

After revealing the news personally, E’Dawn was attacked by his group’s fans and had all of his schedules subsequently canceled. He also didn’t join Pentagon’s most recent comeback.

HyunA, which was one of the label’s biggest money makers, had already departed the label last month. Cube Entertainment had released a statement confirming she has officially left the company.

Back in October fans wondered about E’Dawn’s fate, the label stayed silent and didn’t reveal whether he had already left or not. However, fans did suspect that was the case since shortly after HyunA’s announced her departure, he opened up his own instagram account and shared photos of himself, he was the first member of his group to do so.

E’Dawn was the face of his group and had also worked on songs together with them.

Wishing E’Dawn the best!

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My Thoughts

WOW! its over, its just OVER! I can’t believe this!

I am conflicted but still, happy Cube let go of him and not locked him up in a contract and just said he was ‘on hiatus’ whether you believe it or not (some companies do that).

I knew this was coming but it doesn’t mean I am happy about it. I recently became a fan of Pentagon through their recent comeback and wished to see E’Dawn perform with them one more time.

To think all of this started with dating news, it spiraled out of control so fast. it became one of 2018’s biggest issues and no one could stop talking about it.

I am worried about E’Dawn, where will he go now? who will accept him after this mess? the guy trained and debuted and before his group even reached the 2-years-mark, he was out! Its just sad!

He is very talented and I hope he finds a home soon and not have to give up his dream and passion merely for dating a woman he loved!