BTS’s Suga True Colors Revealed, A Former Male Trainee Talks About How He Used To Treat Him

BTS are known for being amazing idols on and off screen, their good manners speak for them and this story of Suga’s attitude and kindness towards a fellow former trainee will tug on your heartstrings.

A YouTube channel with the username “Light Hoon TV” has shared a sweet story of his time as a trainee back in Big Hit Entertainment during BTS’s members trainee days.

He used to practice with the group. He shared a story of when J-hopes’ mother brought them a box of half-dried herring, J-hope wanted to share with his fellow trainees.

The YouTuber revealed that he ate a lot and it was very delicious however he felt unwell because he ate so fast and even after taking a nap he said he wasn’t feeling that well.

He ended up going to the restroom and vomited everything, he couldn’t stop himself and he thought he was going to die, he then heard a trainee knock on the door asking if he’s okay, he revealed that trainee was Suga.

He told Suga,

“I feel like dying hyung… I don’t know what to do.”

Suga suggested they go to the hospital together, Suga helped him dressed up and took him to the hospital but he said it wasn’t easy finding a cab, he said that he was so sick he couldn’t stand up on his feet.

“I almost collapsed on the road, but held on the edge of a car tire until the taxi came. Suga hyung helped me.”

He revealed he went in and out of consciousness a couple of times and he found himself in the hospital when he woke up, Suga was there next to him watching over him dozing off on the chair.

He added,

“Yoongi hyung filled out the paper works for me since I was in the emergency room getting IV.”

He revealed that because he was so out of it, he forgot to bring his phone and his wallet, adding,

“Of course our parents helped us back then but still trainees didn’t have much money and I remember the hospital bill was really expensive even if we didn’t call an ambulance there were extra charges for midnight emergency service.

Although it was very expensive, Yoongi gathered all of his money to pay for my hospital bills.”

He proceeded to say that it was one of most memorable days for him during his trainee time and expressed his gratitude to Suga for helping him out in his time of need.

He also revealed that he helped out Jimin who was also sick once after this experience.

One more reason to love Suga!

Check out the full video below:

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