Things are tense these days between Japan and South Korea!

Earlier today on November 8, it was reported that BTS didn’t show up to the airport were fans and the press were waiting for them, they were supposed to leave to Japan because of their upcoming scheduled performance on TV Asashi’s “Music Station,” which is considered one of the biggest music shows in Japan.

However, it was later revealed by Big Hit Entertainment and “Music Station” that the entire performance has been postponed, they didn’t give an exact date of the re-scheduled performance.

Big Hit Entertainment released an official statement on the group’s official Japanese website announcing that the appearance has been postponed, they apologized for the news and added,

“We will work hard in the future so that BTS can continue to meet their fans with good music and performances.”

“Music Station” website also posted a notice that stated the reason behind the postponed appearance which turned out to be Jimin’s shirt.

A couple of weeks ago, fans and specifically Japanese fans found issue with a shirt Jimin was wearing, the shirt drew in a lot of criticism from the Japanese community for being insensitive.

The shirt was commemorating the day that Korea was liberated from Japanese colonial rule in 1945 which happened when the atomic bomb detonated in Japan causing the loss of thousands of lives.

The shirt commemorated the liberation of Korea and showed a design that celebrates the liberation with a picture of the atomic bomb. The atomic bomb contributed to the surrender of Japan back then.

“Music Station” said,

“The t-shirt worn by a BTS member caused a controversy.”

They also explained that they discussed with the agency and found that it was only intended as a piece of clothing, they added,

“Its unfortunate that it happened but we have to decide that this appearance will be postponed.”

They ended their statement with an apology to the fans who have been forward to their appearance.

Another reason for the postponed event might be because of the tense relationship between Japan and South Korea these days. Late last month, South Korea’s Supreme Court ordered a Japanese company to compensate four Koreans for wartime labor during the Japanese colonial rule of Korea.

Japan, on the other hand, maintains that the matters of compensation have been settled back in 1965 with a treaty, for now, political tension between the two countries is high.

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My Thoughts

So, I saw Jimin’s shirt and I was like ‘yup, he’s gonna get into trouble for this!’

I am not a Korean or a Japanese person so I can’t speak as if I know it all. I have read about the comfort women issue and what both sides say and I do have an opinion about this but I won’t share it because its not about me and what I think, its between those two countries and my feedback is not needed here!

However, I am disappointed with the stylist choice/Jimin’s choice. Now, I know BTS have a team which styles them and they don’t always get to pick and choose whatever they wear sometimes they follow a theme.

I don’t know if this was one of these times or not but I highly doubt Jimin was going for a statement.

I mean Jimin’s got money and fame but he also gets picked on when wearing a shirt, its sad the amount of backlash an idol can easily get.

But I do think this time it was justified. The bomb picture was a bit too much, I get that Koreans were trying to celebrate the day of their liberation but that bomb killed thousands of innocent people who probably did nothing wrong to anyone they’re just civilians who were hurt by the war.

Witt this heated climate I doubt hallyu stars will be going to events in Japan for the time being. People might say that we should separate but then it will come down to why should Japanese support Korean artists when their country does something like what they did last month, so you get what I am saying!