BTS Have Just Set A Record For All Korean Artists On Apple Music


BTS have set a record that doesn’t only apply to Kpop groups but to Korean artists in general.

On November 2 (local time), Apple Music announced,

“BTS is the first K-pop artist to break one billion streams.”

This isn’t only the first time a Kpop group was able to achieve this record but also the first Korean artist who has been able to achieve such a big milestone on the streaming service.

Apple Music also added that BTS’s streams were evenly distributed from many countries around the world such as the United States, Korea, Japan, Canada, Australia, and countries in Europe and Southeast Asia.

The boys are currently gearing up for their Asian part of the ongoing tour “Love Yourself” which will start in Japan with Tokyo on November 13 and 14, and carry on to Kyocera Dome, Nagoya Dome, and Fukuoka’s Yafuoku Dome, of course, all of those concerts tickets are sold out.

Congratulations to BTS on another great achievement!

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