BTS Becomes First Korean Artists Album Certified Gold By The RIAA & First Korean Group Certified Platinum For Single

BTS continues to break records!

They have recently broken two more records. BTS now has a platinum single in the United States and their first gold album as well.

RIAA (The Recording Industry Association of America) has released some happy news for BTS and their fans; “MIC DROP” has gone platinum as of November 9, it reached more than 1 million units in sales according to the RIAA website.

Note: The gold certification is earned by reaching 500,000 units while the platinum certification is reached by selling 1,000,000 units.

According to the RIAA units are classified as follows: Each permanent digital download counts as 1 Unit for certification purposes.

While 150 on-demand audio and/or video streams will count as 1 Unit for certification purposes.

This makes BTS the first EVER Korean group to go platinum with a song, they had previously become the first Korean group to be certified gold with a song, it was with “MIC DROP.”

PSY still holds the record as the first Korean artists to have a song certified platinum; he achieved that with the global hit “Gangnam Style.”

“IDOL” as well as “Love Yourself: Answer” have been also certified gold, thus “IDOL” became the fourth BTS track to achieve this status joining “DNA” and “Fake Love.”

“Love Yourself: Answer” is now officially the first Korean artist album to be certified gold.

Congrats BTS!

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