Big Hit Staff Member Exposes Obsessive Sasaengs Who Followed BTS To The Plane From Japan To Korea

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A video of an Instagram account rumored to be a Big Hit Staff member has been making a lot of buzz on Twitter.

The account user has posted a very worrisome video of a couple of obsessive sasaengs following BTS to the plane from Japan to Korea.

As soon as the plane landed, the video shows a couple of young girls immediately getting up while the rest of the passengers are trying to take out their bags in economy class. The girls seem to have traveled light because they only had backpacks on them, they quickly rushed to exit to follow BTS.

In response to the video, army showed their concern and fury with those alleged BTS fans who are so obsessive they followed BTS on a plane from Japan to Korea just to catch a glimpse of them.

It is known that BTS fly first class and have recently rented a private jet while traveling for their American and European leg tour. BTS have returned to Korea safely.

Here are some of what army are saying,

“Someone needs to get fired! Who is giving their private schedule info to these psychos?!”

“Creepy as hell. The boys don’t deserve to be annoyed by those bichhh I’m so mad”

“Is this true? Gosh! Is BTS at 1st class? These sasaeng idk what to say. Its creepy hell ya.. *Sigh*”

“This is not only very uncomfortable and creepy for the boys but could also shatter bts’ image because sasaengs would make other passenger uncomfortable as well …”

Fans suggested Big Hit allow the boys to use a private jet, but private jets are extremely expensive to rent and can only be useful if you’re constantly flying around like what BTS did during their American and European tour leg.

What do you think of this?

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