Big Hit Entertainment Will Debut A Junior Boy Group To BTS Early 2019


2019 hasn’t even rolled in yet and we already have a group we’re super excited to see debut!

On November 27, it was reported that Big Hit Entertainment, the agency behind the global phenomenal BTS, is planning on debuting a new five-member boy group.

Fans were extremely anticipating Big Hit’s official response to the rumors since it has been 5 years since first BTS debuted back in 2013.

In response, Big Hit confirmed their plans to debut a new boy group but didn’t clarify the exact date or members counts, they said,

“We’re currently preparing for a boy group early next year. However the number of members, concept and other details hasn’t been specified yet or finalized yet. We will announce it at a later date.”

BTS has become one of the biggest boy groups currently promoting, they’re also considered the face of Kpop groups. They have had immense success overseas and in South Korea.

So the pressure is high, fans have high expectations of Big Hit next boy group. How will they compare to their seniors BTS? Its something only the future can tell.

This will be the first group Big Hit debuted in six years following BTS’s debut back in 2013. Big Hit currently only houses boy trainees and fans are super excited to see the faces and talents that will come out of Big Hit.

Are you excited about the group’s upcoming debut?

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