On November 16 at 1 p.m. KST, a representative from Big Hit Entertainment personally showed up to Hapcheon county Atomic Bomb Museum (also known as the Korean Hiroshima that is residence to 70% of South Korea’s atomic bomb victims) to apologize on the behalf of BTS and Big Hit Entertainment.

Hapcheon county is the county where approx. 70% of Korean survivors reside. The representative is Big Hit’s operations representative Lee Jin Hyung.

He met and held a private meeting with around 10 officials from the Korea Atomic Bombs Victim Association to apologize.

Lee Jin Hyung expressed that the meeting was held privately not intended for media, he also added that they felt it was necessary to personally apologize for the atomic bomb victims who might have suffered emotional pain because of the incident (Jimin’s t-shirt).

After the meeting, representatives from the association accepted the apology and revealed the victims of bombing understand and sympathize with the ongoing series of events.

The association leader Lee Gyu Yeol commented on the current events which led up to this, he said,

“As the problem of the atomic bombing pictures of T-shirts put on by members of BTS were revealed, Japan –the war criminals- are cosplaying as if they’re the world’s only country that suffered from the atomic bombs, rather than apologizing.

I can’t help but feel astonished that Japanese media in Japan are trying to, without consciousness, to halt BTS’s activities, showing their hypocritical attitude instead of trying to reflect on their history of invasion.

We’d like to think that we achieved independence not due to the atomic bomb. I’d like it if we all thought about the inhumane nature of the atomic bombs. I hope the Japanese authorities and the media will not try to disturb the public’s opinion or interfere with BTS’s activities.

They should also refrain from using apology of BTS’s to promote anti-Korean public sentiments.”


What do you think of the apology?

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