Bang Si Hyuk Involved In Dating Rumors With 25-Year-Younger Woman (The Same As Jungkook’s Age)

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When you can’t catch BTS in a dating scandal might as well try to catch the CEO and see how it ends up!

This must be what some were thinking and it looks like it worked! Big Hit Entertainment CEO, Bang Si Hyuk, is involved in dating rumors with a woman called Sohee.

A picture of the two on a trip in Vietnam spread like wild fire on the internet, the photo was being shared by many people across the web, many reacting to Bang PD’s hot hot alleged girlfriend.

Many on the other hand are actually shocked the man isn’t married or already dating, he is 46 years old after all and yes, he is not married, yet!

The rumored girlfriend is allegedly 21 years old woman called Sohee, she has a very interesting instagram in which she shares videos and photos of herself out and about. Its unknown what she does for a living.

The woman is as old as BTS’s youngest Jungkook, she was born in 1997 (yas Bang PD get em’).

Naturally after the photo circulated the web fans went to her instagram account and found she also posted a photo from the trip where she was wearing the exact same outfit seen in the alleged photo with Bang Si Hyuk.

So, if this turns out to be true then Bang PD, BTS’s father, is dating someone 25 years younger than him. I wish him nothing but happiness but my gut feeling tells me we won’t get a confirmation or denial from the man himself.

Fans have left many comments mostly happy comments that the PD has finally found a girlfriend.

So what do you guys personally think of this?

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