Army Extremely Worried About BTS’s Safety After Haters Threatens To Harm Them


The controversy and worry surrounding BTS is not ending any time soon!

Around the same time, Jimin’s t-shirt controversy erupted. A Japanese man with a twitter account claimed he intends on harming BTS. He claims he has been purchasing a lot of albums in order to be able to get a chance to win an entrance to their handshake event.

This happened around the same time as BTS’s performance on “Music Station” was canceled due to Jimin’s shirt that he wore which depicts a photo of the atomic bomb. Some were offended by the photos thinking it mocks/glorifies the victims of this tragedy that killed thousands of people.

Coupled with the controversy surrounding RM’s hat that he wore in a photo shoot back in 2015, the issue was ignited when the Simon Wiesenthal Center, a Jewish human rights organization criticized the group and demanded an apology.

Since then, Big Hit released an official apology explaining their side of the story and promising to take actions to fix their mistakes.

Recently, another particular twitter user also threatened to hurt BTS, specifically Taeyhung!

The twitter handle of the user has been suspended, its believed to be a Korean man who tweeted about causing physical harm to Taehyung, he threatened with a gun.

As a result, army immediately notified Big Hit entertainment and posted the method in which anyone can report to Big Hit directly.

Fans expressed their worry about the recent threats made against BTS! They are rushing Big Hit entertainment to take a strict legal response to prevent harm.

How do you feel about this?


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