Actress Kim Sae Ron Talks About Being Heavily Bullied In School Because Of This

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Kim Sae Ron, one of the well-known Child-Turned-Adult actresses, was one of the guests of this week’s episode of JTBC’s hit variety show “Ask Us Anything.”

Kim Sae Ron has been acting for a long time and found success for the first time with the hit 2010 movie alongside Won Bin “The Man from Nowhere.”

She talked about how the bullying was a lot worse in elementary school, she said,

“I was bullied worse back in elementary school more than in middle school or high school. At first, it was very hard on me. On my way home from school, there were signs that curses me written at the playground, no one also came to my birthday parties.

Before ‘The Man from Nowhere,’ I didn’t do projects that kids my own age would watch, since it got famous, every kid started hearing about it. When they started viewing me as a celebrity, they started bullying me.

Since we were young I was bullied hard. I always changed my shoes since my shoes disappeared every day. I even walked home barefoot often.”

Kim Sae Ron’s recent movie “Ordinary People” was released back on November 7, fellow co-star Lee Sang Yeob also guest appeared on the show with her.

Kim Sae Ron was only 8 years old when she starred in “The Man from Nowhere.”

Did you know Kim Sae Ron suffered so much as a kid?

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