A Japanese Show Falsifies Jimin’s Statement Claiming He Apologized To Japanese Fans For The Shirt

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A Japanese show is under fire and heavy criticism from Korean netizens and international army for the way they covered news regarding BTS’s Jimin and the t-shirt controversy.

Previously, Jimin was embroiled in controversy for wearing a shirt that had a photo of a bomb. The shirt drew in a lot of criticism from the Japanese community for being insensitive.

The shirt was commemorating the day that Korea was liberated from Japanese colonial rule in 1945 which happened when the atomic bomb detonated in Japan causing the loss of thousands of lives.

The shirt commemorated the liberation of Korea and showed a design that celebrates the liberation with a picture of the atomic bomb. The atomic bomb contributed to the surrender of Japan back then.

Since then the designer of the shirt commented on the matter and explained it wasn’t meant to insult anyone, also Big Hit Entertainment released a full statement apologizing for the matter.

On November 18, a Japanese show called “Leave It to Atko” reported that Jimin apologized to Japan for the recent shirt controversy, they dubbed what Jimin said.

They showed footage of that specific concert was he addressed the issue indirectly; they narrated over it ‘Jimin apologizes to Japan.’

According to them, Jimin said,

“I’ve caused concerns not only to Japanese fans but to fans all around the world. I am very sorry to Japanese fans.”

However, this is not what he said during the concert, what he actually said was,

 “I think many army from around the world were surprised and worried because of recent events. My heart hurts.”

He then opened up about their humble beginnings in Japan and thanked fans for their love and support saying he won’t forget this day. Jimin didn’t directly address Japanese fans and certainly not in that manner the Japanese show reported.

As you’d expect, Korean netizens weren’t having it, many firing back with criticism for the show,


“He never said sorry, that what Japan wants to hear but he never did.”

“Fake news.”

and so much more.

International army weren’t any kinder, they also called out the show for being fake news and for dubbing something wrong. The concert was attended by 50,000 fans and there is footage all over the web of Jimin addressing the subject (he spoke in Japanese) but he never said what they claimed he did.

What do you think of this?

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