A Japanese Man Threatens To Bomb A University If They Don’t Expel A BTS Fan


Things are getting crazier by the day!

Recently, a Japanese right-winger threatened to bomb a university because of a BTS fan.

According to Mainichi Shimbun, someone has with a post to the Sugiyama Women’s University homepage on November 15.

The writer of the post said,

“I will blow up the campus if you don’t publicize a disciplinary punishment ‘suspend’ for the girl student who is a BTS fan by 3:34 pm on the 15th.”

The police have investigated the post and looked into it, luckily, the bombing didn’t happen.

Its believed that the incident came from a tweet of a BTS fan who wrote,

“I heard a certain customer bash BTS while working part-time at a video rental store. I cannot forgive. I handle personal information, so I can reveal the name as well as their sexual orientation.”

After the tweet went viral, the video store in question assured they take strict care of the personal information and said that the part-timer is reflecting on their actions.

Korean netizens were pissed and shared many comments angered by Japanese right-wingers who took aim at BTS for a simple shirt.

Big Hit Entertainment has already released a lengthy apology explaining their side of the story; they apologized over and over again to those who were hurt by the controversies.

However, fans are extremely pissed that Japanese right-wingers continue to target BTS.

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My Thoughts

First of let me start by expressing just how stupid that BTS fan is, beyond comprehension.

Why would you go on the internet and threaten to expose someone who said they hate BTS? Why? WHHHHYYYHYHYHYHY? Also, right-wingers are scary people who think crazy ideas, why would you think it’s a good idea to threaten one of them?

I can’t comprehend this Japanese army fan stream of thoughts, what led her to do that? She must be young; this can’t be an act of an adult. I certainly hope so!

I mean even if he talked badly about BTS, the tweet hints that this guy has a certain sexual orientation, you can’t just go around exposing people’s sexual orientations in a very strict society that still hasn’t fully embraced that. Do you want to potentially ruin this man’s life because he said some bad things about BTS?

Also, that guy… like seriously? Both parties involved are delusional, on different levels but delusional. One thinks you shouldn’t talk badly about a group or you get your personal information out, another thinks a lot of people should die because they got threatened by a BTS fan….

I hope the guy who threatened gets seriously punished since some of these people who threaten might end up actually doing it one day. This is scary!

Love your group and support them but don’t be up anyone’s ass when they express they dislike your fav kpop group. Just turn the other way, there is no need to react to every darn barking dog! Jesus!!!

Seriously, you do kpop and kdrama news and you hear and report on people you never thought existed….

my brain hurts!


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