2PM’s Junho Reunites With The Ethiopian Child He Has Been Supporting Since 2010


2PM’s Junho has made headlines a couple of days ago for his good deeds.

He and an Ethiopian child he has been sponsoring since 2010 have recently reunited and the photos will make you tear up!

On November 3, Junho participated in the charity marathon titled the “2018 Global 6K for Water” at Ttukseom Han River Park. Thousands of people participated in the event; Junho ran about 6 km which is the average distance children in Africa walk to get access to water.

He wore a t-shirt with the photo of Ethiopian child Felmeta, he has been sponsoring him since 2010, he had previously met him for the first time back in 2012.

This means that Junho has been sponsoring Felmeta since he was 20 years old, which is pretty impressive on its own.

In the event, Junho reunited with Felmeta once again, the photos of their reunion made fans hearts melt. He had flown over to South Korea to meet Junho specifically. Felmeta also participated in the marathon and expressed his appreciation to Junho.

Junho also commented on just how much he was happy to participate in the event alongside the kid he’s been sponsoring. He added,

“I am touched to see the child I am sponsoring has grown up so healthily. I hope more people participate in the donation for The African children who struggle to get water.”

God bless you Junho!

Check out the photos below:


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