To the fandom who were upset by the recent incident that took place at WINNER’s concert in Kuala Lumpur on October 14, Director Jeung Chi Young of YG Entertainment has released an apology addressing the issue.

Previously, WINNER’s concert showed a VCR of iKON instead of WINNER. This made the fandom incredibly furious since this wasn’t the first time YG Entertainment made such a mistake confusing two different groups together.

YG has previously tagged iKON instead of WINNER on not one but many occasions among other things.

Director Jeung Chi Young posted the apology to the official website apologizing to fans, the statement reads,

“To dearest Inner Circle,

As a director of live performance department and on behalf of YG Entertainment, I’d like to take a moment to express my sincere apology for the incident on last weekend’s “WINNER 2018 EVERYWHERE TOUR IN KUALA LUMPUR.’

During the concert in Kuala Lumpur, one of our operating staffs made a huge mistake of playing a wrong VCR and music. This should not have happened and cannot be ignored, everyone at YG dealt with the matter very seriously. The operator has been removed from all the remaining tours and we made sure to go over all the programming once more.

Thank you fans for your continuous love and support for Winner, we will work towards to keep deliver the quality concerts and will not disappoint you again.”

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My Thoughts

I thought the fandom was being a bit too much but I have read on why Inner Circle are this sensitive so I kinda understand.

The problem was that such ‘mistakes’ happened too many times, its embarrassing for yg since it’s a huge company. Its one of the big three, such mistake is actually partially funny but sad nonetheless.

Its always been liked this, people comparing both groups and I bet it annoys the groups as well not only the fandoms.

Let us just hope that this will be the last we hear of a mishap between the two groups.