Yenny Cleared Of Fraud Charges After Being Investigated By Police


Former Wonder Girls member Yeeun had been previously wrapped up in controversy last month.

She has been embroiled in controversy because of her father’s wrongdoings and was even sued for fraud.

Last month, it was revealed that she was sued for fraud along with her father and that she had participated in an investigation by the police.

In an interview back on September 11, she spoke up about her toxic relationship with her father and assured fans she was innocent.

She also talked about why she will never forgive him for what he has done to her and her family.

Fans have been waiting to hear back from police and it has finally been revealed that she has been cleared of all fraud charges.

On October 7, the Suseo Police Station revealed that she and her father Park Young Gyun had participated in the investigation for fraud charges; her father was the only one who was forwarded to the prosecution with a suggestion for indictment.

Yeeun has been acquitted from all charges by police, as she had previously told her fans; she didn’t participate in her father’s fraudulent activities and hasn’t received any investment money.

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