WINNER Fans Furious With YG Entertainment Because Of Disrespectful Action During Group’s Concert

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WINNER fans are not happy with YG Entertainment, at all!

There was a situation that happened at WINNER’s concert in Malaysia that made some fans very unhappy.

During the opening, the staff of the venue played iKON VCR instead of WINNER’s which infuriated fans.

The video played shortly before it was cut off, not only that but the error happened again when a staff turned on music for WINNER and it was iKON’s.

WINNER fans became even more infuriated since this wasn’t the first time YG staff mixed both groups together.

Once during WINNER’s concert, the staff welcomed fans to ‘iKON’s’ concert instead, and once the fancafe addressed the fandom with the wrong name iKONICs instead of Inner Circle.

Not even Yang Hyun Suk was exempt from making this mistake. He had once written a post about Winner and used iKON’s name instead.

The fans explained why they were feeling so bad and disrespected by it, one fan said,

“It would be okay if they made a mistake once but they do this too often to the point we start to feel it’s intentional that’s why we’re angry about it.”

Another one wrote,

“This kind of big mistake should not happen at a concert. What the purpose of rehearsal, seems like sabotage since few times already. I’m from both fandom and this is not ok.”

What do you think of this?

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