It has come to my attention that SM Entertainment is planning BIG for NCT 127 upcoming comeback, and the question that suddenly came into my mind was ‘is SM Entertainment trying to break into the American market with NCT 127?’

NCT 127 has made headlines for the past couple of weeks ever since it was announced they’d be making a new comeback and adding a new member.

Most recently and on October 1st it was revealed that NCT 127 will be teaming up with Apple Music (yes you read that right) to promote their upcoming October comeback.

One of the biggest online streaming services shared a trailer on October 1st showing the boys of NCT 127 as well as a preview of their new music. The trailer didn’t only focus on their music but also teased an upcoming exclusive interview with Apple Music’s Beats 1 Podcast.

If you go to iTunes, you can see the interview as well as the exclusive short film of the group.

Teaming up with Apple Music is a huge deal since its one of the biggest streaming services in America, it has more than 45 million songs catalog.

SM Entertainment announced not too long ago that NCT 127 will make their American TV debut with a performance on Abc “Jimmy Kimmel Live” on October 8.

With a tweet they announced,

“#NCTZen! we are so excited to announce our very first nationally televised performance in the U.S. on October 8th at @jimmykimmellive!!!”

Abc’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live” is one of the popular American night shows that Americans usually tune to see, this will expose NCT 127 to a new demographic and open more doors for them in America.

Its estimated that NCT 127 will be performing the title track of their upcoming album for the first time.

A couple of days ago, it was also announced that NCT 127 will join many artists on The Disney owned American broadcast network which will be airing2-hourour special titled “Mickey’s 90th Spectacular” the show will celebrate the iconic character 90s anniversary.

This is also a huge deal, they will be joined by Josh Groban, Meghan Trainor, Leslie Odom Jr, and Zac Brown Band who are also performing for the special.

The group is set to perform their title track “Regular” from their 1st upcoming album “Regular- Irregular.”

The celebration will be broadcasted on November 4.

To add to that back in late August 2018, 769 Entertainment announced Lay, NCT 127 and Jason Derulo would be teaming up for a four-part tribute to the legend Michael Jackson.

They will release a track titled “Lets Shut and dance” which will feature Lay and Jason Derulo along with NCT 127.

Today, NCT 127 went on Naver’s V Live and during the live broadcast, the members announced they would be attending the 2018 AMAs.

Mark shared,

“NCT 127 has been invited to the ‘AMA’ red carpet event and is scheduled to attend!”

SM Entertainment clearly has a timeline set for the boys, they plan on hyping up the group ahead of the release of NCT 127 first album with the FIRST EVER performance on Abc “Jimmy Kimmel Live.”

They plan on promoting across digital and live shows in America, they will also gain a lot of buzz for their appearance on “Mickey’s 90th Spectacular.”

I don’t personally follow NCT 127 but I have noticed SM Entertainment’s calculated efforts to get the boys overseas recognition. Its only a matter of time before we see whether NCT 127 will become the first SM Entertainment boy group to break through the American market.

NCT 127’s comeback with their 1st full album ‘NCT #127 Regular-Irregular’ is coming up on October 12.

Do you think NCT 127 can break into the American market? and will you be listening to their upcoming album when its released?

My Opinion

I started listening to American music wayyyyyyyyy before I ever started listening to and liking Kpop. Americans are different but if any Kpop group can break that market they can break the world.

NCT 127 is now a 10-member boy group, not even a girl group but a boy group. Americans don’t really like boy groups or girl groups but with luck and a miracle BTS was able to break in.

BTS was able to penetrate the market partially because of their music which explores mental and societal issues which is something NCT 127 lacks. Not only that, but SM plans on adding people to the group in the future, some members might even end up leaving. I personally don’t have the time and energy to keep up with that.

I am a kpop fan but my attention span is little just like the majority of all music fans. I have always thought and will continue to think that this NCT project is a bit too extreme; SM entertainment is all over the place with it, if it was any other entertainment agency they would have failed this project long time ago.

Not only that but NCT breaking into the market feels forced, BTS rise was expected and happened on stages and they keep coming back and getting bigger and better. NCT 127 (out of the blue) announced they were performing on Jimmy Kimmel and also out of the blue announced they are attending the AMAs.

I didn’t see fans advocating to get people to listen to the boys, not as much as army was trying with BTS. BTS rise was expected because of the music type, the message, the dedication, and the large fandom.

The fandom pushed and pushed and now people know there is BTS.

Also, Americans will soon start comparing them to BTS. If that starts, NCT will look like they lack originality.

SM didn’t try getting EXO to break into the American market because they tried and failed with SNSD. After seeing BTS success now every company thinks they should go in that direction, but the things PSY wasn’t even able to pull it, and it’s a far shot!

Time will tell just how much and how far will NCT 127 go in America, it’ll be interesting to witness!