In today’s Kpop news we have TWICE who have finally confirmed their November comeback date and I found the date interesting!

On October 19, TWICE announced they would be returning on November 5th with their sixth mini album “Yes or Yes.” Fans are super excited about the announcement as the group has only recently celebrated their 3rd anniversary.

This will be TWICE’s third Korean comeback this year, after “What is Love?” in April and “Dance the Night Away” in July.

TWICE is known for making fall comebacks and they always do well in them. This time, they have another big Kpop group to compete with.’s-“What-Is-Love.jpg’s-“What-Is-Love.jpg

The announcement drew my attention because its only 3 days after EXO’s upcoming highly anticipated comeback, EXO is coming back on November 2 and the anticipation is at all-time high.

The news were revealed back in early October a month away from the actual date, fans are super excited for the comeback because it has been more than a year since the group last comeback.

Their 5th full album will be titled “Don’t Mess Up My Tempo.” SM Entertainment also announced that Lay will be participating and had already recorded the Chinese version of the title track from EXO’s upcoming album; also, he will be appearing in the comeback MV!

SM Entertainment has also revealed 3 unique jacket photos of EXO’s upcoming comeback.

The jacket photos of the group came in three versions: Allegro version, Andante version, and Moderato version. The album will have a total of 11 tracks and Chanyeol had even participated in the composition and writing for the songs.

EXO is known to be monsters on Korean and international charts, and TWICE, one of the biggest currently promoting girl groups is also competing for those same numbers.

Not only that but both EXO and TWICE will be competing with yet another big group, Wanna One but they will be releasing their album around the 3rd week on November. The comeback date hasn’t been confirmed yet but its reported that they are planning it around that time.

It will be a very heated battle as two of the biggest fandoms will be competing for the number one spot on various charts.

What do you think of this?


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