Seriously Underrated Idol Actors Who Deserve Your Attention


Many idols shift to acting and some of them succeed while others fail.There are also others who do well but never truly blossom or get the attention they deserve.

Idols don’t always do well in acting and some of them take on roles bigger than their size but there is a portion that does well but is seriously underrated.

Having watched many kdramas over the years, I have stumbled upon the good, the bad and the underrated. Today, I want to discuss seriously underrated idol actors who deserve more attention.

Super Junior Yesung

As a kdrama fan I must say its difficult for me to name every idol of every Kpop group especially those I don’t listen to at all. I didn’t know Super Junior had a member called Yesung who was this talented.

After doing some research I found out that he has an amazing voice, add to that his seriously amazing acting skills.

I have seen him act in the hit OCN drama “Voice” and became a fan of him.

His acting in that drama was seriously amazing. It took me a couple of episodes to fully find out just how great he really was.

He is very good in this drama; there is a specific scene in the first episodes that made me seriously wonder why he isn’t taking on more drama and movie roles.

UNIQ Sungjoo

I personally don’t listen to the group or follow them and the first time I found out about them was through Sungjoo in his role in “The Liar And His Lover.” Although the drama itself became unbearable and littered with bad performances, I couldn’t help but gravitate towards Sungjoo.

He is not only good looking but can attract you with his aura and does extremely well for a rookie idol actor who debuted as an actor in 2016.

I am currently enjoying his performance as the hacker in “Terius Behind Me.”

Highlight’s Gi Kwang

Highlight has many members who ventured out to acting with Yoon Doojoon being the most successful and well received.

I think Yoon Doojoon is an amazing actor and if I didn’t know of Highlight, I would have seriously believed he was only an actor, but there is also another Highlight member who is equally talented in acting.

Gi Kwang is a great actor.

I first saw him in “Circle” back in 2016 and couldn’t help but fall for his amazing acting. Not just anyone can easily rival Yeo Jin Goo and Kim Kang Woo since they’re both amazing actors who have been around for a while but he does exceptionally well and steals the spotlight.

He is also done great in “Lovely Horribly.” Although I stopped watching this drama, but I couldn’t help but feel for his character and root for him even when I knew he wasn’t going to end up with the girl at the end.

SHINee’s Key

Key is also another good idol actor who comes to mind when I mention underrated idol actors.

I saw him in “Lookout” and “Drinking Solo” and he did very well in both roles. He didn’t look awkward and did very well for someone who debuted as an actor in 2016 through “Drinking Solo.”


Nara is one of the few good idol-actresses who are able to pull off many roles in my opinion. I also like the fact that she chooses different projects each time to showcase just how talented she is.

I first saw her in “Suspicious Partner” which was Ji Chang Wook’s last drama before his military enlistment. I thought she did well opposite good actors.

She then surprised me by just how good she was in her appearance in “My Ahjussi” opposite IU and Lee Sun Kyun. Her character was amazing and she did very well with it.

Her role in “Your Honor” was also good. I can’t wait to see her gain the recognition she deserves and I expect that she will be someone big in the future.

SF9’s Rowoon

Rowoon is another good idol actor who debuted as an actor back in 2017. Despite his rookie status, I can’t help but love the way he acts.

He is not awkward, not stiff and does well delivering his lines. He also makes his characters feel real.

I first watched him in “About Time,” he did well and I am also enjoying him these days in “Where Stars Land.”

What do you think of my list? Do you agree with me? Is there any idol actor who you think deserves more attention?


  1. Some idol actors /actresses receive hate because their debut role is as a lead. Even if (I think) they did an amazing job. Maybe they think their reactions weren’t expressive enough or didn’t show enough emotion, etc (while I thought they “nailed” the scene). The director approved the scene, so that means the actors/actresses fulfilled the director’s vision of how the scene should be portrayed. But, unfortunately, some people think a scene should have been portrayed a different way and blame the actors /actresses (saying their acting is bad). For example, Joy (Red Velvet) was accused of bad acting and not ready for a lead role (I thought she did a superb job). She DID win a rookie actress award (meaning, some experts agree with me).


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