Seohyun Reveals Whether There Is Bad Blood Between Her And Kim Jung Hyun


Seohyun had successfully wrapped up her drama “Time” and sat down for an interview held at a café to talk about the drama, her group and much more.

She opened up about Kim Jung Hyun’s departure from the drama which was announced suddenly because of his health issues (eating and sleeping disorder). She denied there was any bad blood between them and said,

“Its not because we didn’t get along. As a fellow actor I felt sorry. Its important to finish a production but we’re all humans before actors.

People are always more important and I understood where he came from.”

She added,

“As someone who is remaining on the set. I thought it would only be only right to finish the drama to the best of my ability. I concentrated on my character. The entire staff had their attention on me, so I felt that I needed to do even better.”

She talked about Kim Jung Hyun’s character and how she felt working with him, she said,

“As our respective characters, we worked hard. When I first saw the script, I had a certain picture in my mind of what kind of character I wanted Cheon Su Ho to be. Kim Jung Hyun was exactly that.”

People suspected the drama staff didn’t get along with Kim Jung Hyun because of his behavior during the press conference of the drama. It was even labeled the ‘Kim Jung Hyun scandal’ as many people found his behavior during the press conference to be extremely odd. He kept frowning and chose to distance himself from the cast, many called into question Kim Jung Hyun’s attitude. Back then the actor issued an apology but insisted it was because of ‘Method Acting.’

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