Red Velvet’s Joy Steps Out Of Singaporean Concert Due To Sudden Injury


Red Velvet’s Joy has suffered a sudden injury to her elbow during her group’s first concert in Singapore on October 20.

“REDMARE” concert was held at The Star Theater in Singapore and was a special occasion to Red Velvet because its their first concert in that country.

However, during the concert the group suddenly stopped performing and said that there was something wrong with Joy’s earpiece, Joy went backstage while the members chatted with the audience.

She then came back with a cast on her right arm and started crying, she explained that she had injured her elbow and has to go to the hospital. While crying she said that she cannot continue performing for the rest of the concert.

The member comforted Joy and looked visibly upset to see her go but they carried on performing as four.

SM Entertainment is yet to release an official statement on what actually happened and Joy’s current status.

Check out the video below at 01:09 mark to hear her apology:

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