Popular Chinese trainee Yiyang has reportedly found a new agency back home and it happens to be her sunbae’s company, former EXO member Tao.

She moved to Korea when she was 17 and wanted to become a Kpop artist.

Yiyang was part of SM Entertainment and had spent years training she was first introduced back on September 14, 2016 as part of the SMRookies and left in August 2018.

She had posted to her weibo account a statement that reads,

“Thank you for staying with me. I’m looking for a new start. I’ll work hard.”


She is born in 1997, fans were super excited about seeing her debut but that sadly didn’t happen. She is now reportedly back in China.

Fans speculate that she has joined L.Tao Entertainment, which is the entertainment company established by former EXO member Tao. People seem to believe she is a part of it judging from their interactions on Weibo.

Back on October 1st L.Tao Entertainment tagged Yiyang on their official Weibo post. She had left a comment on the post that reads,

“Lets be together. It’s a new start.”

Judging from these interactions, it is believed that she will follow in her sunbae Tao’s suit and will debut in C-pop.


How do you feel about this? Were you looking forward to see her debut as part of an SM Entertainment group?


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