Following Jimin’s sudden health scare that worried lots of fans he resurfaced in a video where his group celebrated his birthday.

On October 13, Jimin celebrated his 23rd birthday (or 24 in Korean reckoning). BTS usually shares photos and videos of each member when their birthday comes up and Jimin was no exception.

BTS shared a video of Jimin in the private jet they were travelling in. They all sang for him and wished him a happy birthday.

What caught people eyes was the expensive luxurious private jet that BTS were on. Fans couldn’t stop talking about how luxurious the jet looked and how happy they were that BTS no longer has to deal with saesangs who invade their privacy even while they are travelling.

The private jet has an amazing interior equipped with large monitors, a lot of space, beds and much more. There is enough room for the members to roam around freely and rest while they travel through their busy schedule.

Check out the video below:


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