Lee Joon Gi Revealed That He Agreed To Appear On “Ask Us Anything” Because Of IU


Lee Joon Gi and IU are friendship goals!

The beloved on-screen couple has finally reunited on one of the most popular variety shows in South Korea, “Ask Us Anything.”

The episode is set to air on October 20 and will feature Lee Joon Gi and IU. They first met on the set of “Scarlet Hear Ryeo” and have remained good friends ever since.

IU expressed her love for her fans and revealed that appearing on the show was a way to celebrate her 10th debut anniversary and surprise her fans who wanted to see her on variety shows more.

Her friend Kang Han Na (also part of “Scarlet Hear Ryeo” cast) recommended her the show.

While Lee Joon Gi revealed that the reason to appear on the show came about because of IU, he explained that IU was afraid that she would make the show boring and so she had ask him to appear because he’s the funniest person she knows.

He added,

“I made up my mind in two days; I didn’t want the staff or IU to wait longer for my decision.”

IU added,

“I am honestly surprised; I thought he would turn me down. But he agreed and I am grateful for that.”

Who’s excited about the upcoming episode?

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