Recently, four entertainment reporters joined the discussion on ‘e!fact’ broadcast on Naver’s V Live to discuss the ramifications of dating among idols.

During the discussion, each reporter talked about what they personally thought of idols dating and focused on HyunA and E’Dawn’s case in particular.

They discussed whether HyunA’s choice to reveal the news was right or wrong.

The reporters shared their thoughts and it was not in favor of HyunA.

One reporter said that it was only obvious that HyunA would confirm because she is known for being honest and it suits her image, the reporter also added,

“So I thought ya, admitting that is expected of HyunA.

But the other idol E’Dawn was a rookie in the industry with only 2 years’ experience. It hasn’t been long since he debuted so I thought, ‘what was she thinking?’”

Another reporter explained,

“E’Dawn is a member of a boy band that’s only 2 years old. To admit that a rookie idol is dating his senior singer from the same company posed lots of risks. So the company didn’t want to admit it. But now HyunA is at a place where she’s not going to be told what to do…. But she was actually being selfish.

This didn’t really affect HyunA that much, people cheered her own but this had big ramifications for E’Dawn not only to him but his group as well and it also affected Cube Entertainment.”

What do you personally think of this?

I recommend you check out the talk here.