Korean Reporter Hints That Pentagon Members Count Can Be Reduced Because 3 More Members Are ‘Dating’

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Recently, four entertainment reporters joined the discussion on ‘e!fact’ broadcast on Naver’s V Live to discuss the ramifications of dating among idols.

During the discussion, each reporter talked about what they personally thought of idols dating and focused on HyunA and E’Dawn’s case in particular.

They discussed whether HyunA’s choice to reveal the news was right or wrong.

In the discussion, the reporters didn’t back up HyunA’s decision to go public with the relationship since it hurt E’Dawn who was still a rookie in the industry.

Towards the end of the broadcast, they touched on the fact that they became a group of 8, a reporter jumped in and added,

“But the problem is, Pentagon could have even fewer members.”

The rest of the reporters were seriously taken back by what he said and some started laughing and asked him to explain, he said,

“I’ll stop right here,

There are several more members whose stories the public doesn’t know about yet. (It’s my personal opinion).”

Pentagon became known as the group with 3-dating-scanadals in one day. Previously, HyunA and E’Dawn confirmed they were dating while Hui & (G)I-DLE’s Soojin also confirmed they used to date but label confirmed they had broken up.

Pentagon Yuto and CLC’s Yeeun were also caught up in dating news but the label denied those rumors and said they were only close friends.

Check out the talk here.

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  1. Why are they doing this to them its sad to see a favorite group being torn apart over relationships just because the company has complaints and the fans won’t get over themselves

  2. You’re hurting my heart :,) also they’re a group of ten unless edawn has parted from the company but i havemt seen official news yet on that so still ten and don’t forget YanAn. They say he took a break because of health issues and hoping that Yanan isn’t dead or something we can hope that they are at least a group of 9. Right?

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