Kim Hyun Joong Is Asked About His Son During The Press Conference, This Is What He Answered

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Kim Hyun Joong is finally returning with a new drama “When Time Stops” is his first drama in four years since his last project “Inspiring Generation” back in 2014.

In 2014, he was embroiled in controversy and a legal battle with his ex-girlfriend for a multitude of reasons such as assault, pregnancy and more.

On October 23, “When Time Stops” held its press conference. It was attended by the main actors of the drama.

He apologized for the fans at the press conference for what had happened for the past two years.

At the press conference, he was asked about his son whom he had with his ex-girlfriend.

He again apologized but this time to “When Time Stops” cast for the question the reporter asked, he said,

“I am sorry to the actors for answering these private questions since this is a press conference to promote our drama. But I will tell the truth to everyone. I am in a situation where I can’t see my child yet. Honestly, I don’t know whats the right thing. But I will do my best no matter what and where I am. For my child, this is the only thing I can say.

Anything else might hurt the child, so I would like not to comment anymore about it. Since as I said I am in a situation where I can’t see my child.”

“When Time Stops” is a fantasy romance that tells the story of someone who has the ability to stop time, he finds the meaning of life after he meets a woman who owns a three-story building.

“When Time Stopped” will air its first episode on KBS-W on October 24.

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  1. Everybody make mistakes. In his case, he is trying to make amends. Life is all about learning and forgiving each other. I have forgiven him and will always be his fan. It seems like his ex girlfriend was not doing everything right either. Please let the man live his life without unnecessary judgement. We all deserve it. He does as well. He is a talented singer and actor.

  2. Just because he is an famous actor/artist we all know what happened in his private life but that gives no right to anyone to raise questions on him..its his life & also Court have settled things pretty well already. He too is a human being and can make mistakes.. So it’s ok & it’s time to stop making a fuss for nothing.

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