Kim Hyun Joong Apologizes Again At His First Drama Press Conference His Controversy


Kim Hyun Joong is finally returning with a new drama, “When Time Stops” is his first drama in four years since his last project “Inspiring Generation” back in 2014.

In 2014, he was embroiled in controversy and a legal battle with his ex-girlfriend for a multitude of reasons such as assault, pregnancy and more.

Though the matter was settled eventually, it did cause him a lot of harm to his public persona. He was also charged with a DUI back in 2017 which was also received negatively by the public.

On October 23, “When Time Stops” held its press conference. It was attended by the main actors of the drama.

During the press conference the actor apologized for what has happened for the past four years, he said,

“I have come back with a project after 4 years. I would like to thank the press for their attention, its larger than I expected.

To be honest, a lot has happened in the past four years; I caused many people worry and concern. I don’t know where to start offering my apologies and asking for forgiveness. From now on, I will live and show you that I am a person rather than saying I will make up for its with better acting or music.”

Kim Hyun Joong then adds,

“I don’t how viewers will react while watching the drama but I believe that if I start to think that way I will be lost in thoughts forever. I simply thought about how I should portray my character. I studied for it and lived as him for the past 3 months. Its now up to the viewers to judge.”

“When Time Stopped” will air its first episode on KBS-W on October 24.

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  1. Having been a bartender for years , I have witnessed so many people who drank and drove. Many times I tried to take their keys – they all say they are fine and not drunk. He got caught – how many of you Drive after drinking? Be honest. – I believe it is a pity that he got in that situation And an innocent child is suffering-I will wacky the drama. And prays he has a positive outlook with his son and his life. I’m sure he suffers alot

    • I get you but just because people do it doesn’t mean its okay, its a dangerous thing that can potentially kill people or seriously injure then. besides, in korea they have designated drivers. thats not an excuse

      • He was not drunk. His blood alcohol level was over the limit. Everyone knows he has a very high alcohol tolerance. The issue was that he slept off at a red light the wheel of his perfectly parked car that’s why he got flagged he was perfectly lucid when they woke him up.


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