Jungkook Says He Blamed Himself For His Injury And Felt Embarrassed For Crying On Stage

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On October 9, Big Hit Entertainment released a statement that explained why Jungkook will be using a chair during London concert, he had hurt his legs and thus used a chair not to harm his leg even further.

On October 17, Jungkook sat down for a vlive session and talked to fans, he sincerely and honestly opened up about what exactly happened that day and why he blamed himself for it.

He started off by explaining how happy he was, he also said that his parents were in London the day of the accident. He explained that he had finished practicing and was about to take a shower, he said,

“But I bumped against something while I tried to warm up too hard.”

He explained that he knew it was going to be bad and said that the pain hurt a lot more than he had expected. He said,

“It was my concert and I was supposed to be on stage. I couldn’t help but think emotionally. But we had more concerts left from then on. It wasn’t a problem I could fix thinking emotionally.”

He said he blamed himself and added,

“I regretted, I blamed myself a lot. Throughout the entire show, I thought to myself, ‘Why did I stretch at that time… It wouldn’t have happened if I was wearing shoes…’”

He then talked about the time he cried on stage, he said,

“During the encore… I burst into tears. Over time, I was getting more and more embarrassed about myself. I shouldn’t show my sorrow or disappointment when I’m on stage but I failed to take care of myself so I was very embarrassed, to be honest.”

He also added that he couldn’t focus on singing back then and apologized for his fans of England promising to come again and show a better performance.

He also said that its now better and that he meditated and tried to think reasonably about it.

What do you think of this?

You can check out the full vlive below:

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