IU’s Conditions To Renew Her Contract With Her Label Earns Her New Fans Because Of Her Kindness


Its no secret that everybody likes IU, international and national fans can’t get enough of the talented kindhearted singer-actress.

On 27 October episode of the popular JTBC variety show “Ask Us Anything,” the second part of IU and Lee Joon Gi’s special guest appearance aired.

IU talked about the reason she decided to renew her contract with her longtime agency Kakao M (formally known Loen Entertainment) for the second time despite the offers she got and her ridiculous popularity.

Her reasoning and her conditions to accepting contract renewals made fans even more impressed with her.

She said,

“I have worked with the same staff for the past 11 years ever since I was a trainee. My agency never pushed me to do something I wasn’t okay with or something they wanted for themselves, they just left me alone. They always treated me so well even when I wasn’t doing well on the charts. I think they wanted the best for me.

To be honest, it would be a lie to say I haven’t had thoughts of leaving the agency, I thought if I get good offers, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to try something new and I also wanted to hear what they had to say and what they would say to convince me.

But when I asked them I found out they had no plans to hold on to me. I asked them why weren’t they trying to convince me and they said ‘how can we make you stay when you might have found another place to move to?’ Their kindness and thoughtfulness were the reasons I stayed.”

She also added for her contract renewal she asked for the improvement of working conditions of her staff.

“Ask Us Anything” MCs and Lee Joon Gi were very impressed by her kind nature and the terms she added to her renewed contract which shows just how much she cares about her staff and not money.

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