Is Wanna One Going To Sign Contract Extensions Or Not? Insiders Share Updates


Wanna One possible contract extensions have been making headlines for a while now.

It was first reported that CJ E&M Entertainment and Swing Entertainment have been discussing possible contract extension, the reason behind it is so that the members can attend as many award shows as possible.

They were previously set to disband on December 31st, 2018.

Recently a representative from Swing Entertainment told Sports Kyunghyang,

“We have had several meetings to discuss the possible contract extensions. However, we have yet to make an official decision on whether they will disband as scheduled or extend.”

An insider from one of the Wanna One members stated,

“There have been various opinions from continuing for a couple more months to extending the promotional period of the group while they also promote solo under their respective agencies, or completing the promotions until the award ceremonies wrap up in January 2019.

Fans also have different opinions, so we haven’t been able to make a decision yet.”

The group’s contract is scheduled not too long from now and the agencies should come to a decision soon. Some agencies were against the extension because they had already planned upcoming promotions for each member after Wanna One disbands.

The group will be making their final comeback in November.

Do you think they should extend or not?


  1. They of course should extend ….we love them and wannables don’t have anything to do except supporting them so if they disbands we will be very disappointed we love them as a group and if not we will still love them and support them but when it come to us to choose its for sure let them extend ❤❤❤


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