iKON’s Junhoe Courageously Apologizes For Third Time At His Group’s Comeback Press Conference


iKON’s Junhoe had apologized for the third time at his group’s comeback press conference on October 1st. iKON came back today with their new album “New Kids : The Final.”

He was involved in controversy because of his comments on his Instagram post, since then he removed the controversial post and apologized not once but twice, the second time with a handwritten lengthy letter.

At his group press conference he apologized once again, he said,

“I am so sorry that I disappointed many fans with this incident. I am reflecting deeply again and again. I promise that something like this will never happen again, ever. I realized again that I should always treat my fans with gratitude and cherish them. I will be thankful for every moment as I promote and will work hard to show the good sides of myself.

As I caused this incident with not much time left until the album release, I was ashamed of facing the members and Yang Hyun Suk and our fans. Yang Hyun Suk advised me to reflect deeply on myself.”

The group leader B.I also chimed in and said,

“As everyone knows there was a negative incident ahead of the comeback, but as the members know Junhoe is sincerely sorry, we tried to comfort him instead of scolding him. We told him that it was a chance for him to grow and become a better person.”

iKON’s “New Kids : The Final” was released on October 1st at 6 p.m. KST. The title track “Goodbye Road” is doing very well on music charts, it currently sits at number 1 on Bugs, Soribada and more.

What do you think of Junhoe’s third apology?

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