HyunA Shares Photos Of Outdoor Date With Boyfriend E’Dawn


HyunA is winning more people with her most recent Instagram post.

On October 10, she posted a series of photos to her Instagram account; the photos were of her and her boyfriend Pentagon E’Dawn.

They were 5 photos in total and it showed them on a date together, they looked happy as they walked side by side; she also made sure to highlight her boyfriend in the photos.

The couple has been laying low since their controversy with their agency Cube Entertainment. Last month the agency announced they were kicking them out and then a couple of hours later they retracted their statement and said they were discussing their future with the agency.

Since then, some insiders basically confirmed they were leaving the agency and that HyunA was preparing for her departure. However, Cube Entertainment has not yet released an official response.

The two personally confirmed they were dating 2 months ago, this is her first post of them together since the huge backlash they received from netizens.

It is believed that the photos are of them on a trip to Japan, they had even stopped by a crepe shop in Harajuku.


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