How Must Haters Be Feeling About Their Petition To Disband BTS After Renewed Contracts Announcement

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About a week ago, haters (and those with no life) have actually created a petition demanding the disbandment of BTS. The petition was created on the Blue House official site and it had more than 3000 signatures.

People were demanding the disbandment of the group, it was posted on September 25 and those who demanded it cited the members as “arrogant” and wrote “what have they done to get military exemption?” as an explanation to why they made that petition.

BTS has been the main focus of what a lawmaker in South Korea said when he talked about military exemption for b-boying groups, the lawmaker highlighted BTS as one of the bands who have given back so much to their country.

However, BTS revealed that they plan on serving their country and won’t be avoiding the military service.

For a presidential official response, the petition must reach 200,000 signatures. However, its unlikely that it will reach that number.

In response, BTS fans army have started a petition against the disbandment of BTS.

The petition, aside from being completely useless, doesn’t hold much merit. Added to that, BTS have recently renewed their contract with Big Hit Entertainment for 7 MORE YEARS.

This means that despite haters wishes the group will carry on as 7 members for 8 more years; they have renewed a year ahead of their contract expiration date.

Fans have pointed out that haters must be feeling extremely bad now that the group is going to be around for 8 more years.

Even if the petition reaches the minimum signatures required, Big Hit Entertainment can’t be forced to disband the group and the Blue House can’t force the company to do so, its something that Big Hit Entertainment and the members of BTS get to decide.

I am just baffled by the petition and the reasoning behind it. If you think about it, there is no reason for Big Hit Entertainment to even consider it.

There is a difference between people who express their opinions about BTS whether it is about loving or not liking them, doing a petition shows just how immature and narrow-minded these people are!

What do you think of this?

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  1. I think its bs because bts is the most humble people i ever meet in my life and dont brag about themselves. They actually are doing korea a favor by actually bringing popularity to kpop so i dont understand for the disband and it’s really selfish and stupid and really immature for even people to make it or sign it.

  2. Im Thinking Of The haters….They Say BTS is Rude while the haters based on what they’re Doing Is Rude!I Mean What Did BTS even did to them to hate them that much?!?
    First RM is Very Smart
    Jin is Very Kind To His members And Other People
    Suga Is Very Sweet(And Has a Cool Rap styles)
    J-hope’s Dance Is Very Entertaining!He Encouraged me to dance!
    Jimin well He Is My Bias Because He Always Comfort His Members When They Are Sad!
    Taehyung Is Working Very Hard Even Though He Is Very Tired!Just For Us ARMY’S!!!
    Jungkook Has Saved Life Of An MC back then…
    He Has Injury Now..But Still Working Hard!
    Cant They See They’re Sacrifices?How Can They Be Soo selfish to Hate Them While They Are Sacrificing?!And Now Some ARMY’S Are Crying Because Of This Either Am i! Dont They Get It?!WHY DID THEY HAVE TO DO THIS WHY?!Bts is very kind to everyone While They Say They Are Rude!THEY DIDNT DO ANYTHING!The Haters Just Wants To Put Dirt On Their Names!Why Cant they just respect of how we armys love them?!They Even Encouraged me to Show My True Talent Around Me!WHY CANT THEY LIVE THEY’RE OWN LIVES AND JUST LEAVE BTS ALONE!!!

  3. Haters are extremely bursting their anger right now,., instead of minding them, let us just let them burst out there without saying anything to them because that’s their failure,.. Just let them realize how immature they are….

  4. You tell them to get real people I tell you to get a life. I’m not a die-hard fan but I will stick up for them normally I would be the bigger person and mind my own business but I don’t feel like it right now. Anyways I think you should keep your comments to yourself because not many people speak trash so they won’t be able to understand you. Now shut the hell up and stop being salty.

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