How Many Songs BTS Released In 2018 Alone Proves Their Love For Their Fans Is Unprecedented

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BTS had a good 2018 and a very busy one, it could be their busiest year to date.

With their rising popularity, one would think that member won’t find enough time to give fans regular updates or songs but that is not the case, not with BTS!

Recently, a fan shared the number of BTS song released in just 2018 alone revealing a ridiculous amount of songs. BTS has released over 53 songs counting the free tracks they released to their official Soundcloud channel as well as J-Hope and RM solo mixtapes.

They came back twice in 2018, Love Yourself: Tear” and “Love Yourself: Answer” in May and August respectively. They released a couple of different versions of “Fake Love” as well.

Also, while celebrating their anniversary they also treated fans to free tracks uploaded to their Soundcloud account too.

RM and J-hope both released mixtapes in 2018. The mixtapes were both for free, RM released a total of 7 tracks while J-hope also released 7 songs.

They have also featured on Steve Aoki’s newest track “Waste it on Me” which was released a couple of days ago. Steve Aoki revealed there is a music video for the song.

This large number of songs is not easily accomplished by many idol groups and certainly not by a group that’s BTS.

Despite their busy schedules, they always made sure fans had enough tracks to listen at all times.

Of course, the tracks they released showed immense success on charts domestically and internationally as well. Fans made sure to give back to BTS who gave them good songs.

We hope that the boys are getting enough rest despite their extremely busy schedules. They recently returned to South Korea after finishing their American and European part of their tour.

They have ‘free’ schedule for now before they have to head to Tokyo to carry on with their world tour.

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