How Do BLACKPINK Members Reconcile After Fighting With Each Other?

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BLACKPINK members have a special bond and they have grown up together for a long time while training to become idols under YG Entertainment which explains their good group dynamics and their love for each other.

In a recent appearance on a Japanese talk show called “Love Music,” the girls sat down for an interview to answer many questions.

In the show, the MCs asked the girls about many things and one of the questions they asked was if they fought/had quarrels with each other.

The members all said that they used to fight in the past but not a lot, Jisoo explained,

“In the past, before it becomes a fight we usually come together and listen to each other. We talk about how we should solve it slowly until we reach something we all agree on. It has always been like that since the past.”

All the members nodded their heads in agreement.

Jennie had also explained that they had known each other since they were in junior high and that they have changed over the years in the way they interact and play.

Which explains how they can calmly and maturely solve issues between them if they arise. The method is very mature and fans were happy to learn that BLACKPINK members get along well together and don’t fight often.

The members also all agreed that Jennie is the one who is the most mature when they were asked who the most mature member was.

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