GOT7’s Jackson Cancels Appearance In More Events Due To Health Concerns

It seems like GOT7’s Jackson hiatus is going to take longer than it was expected to be.

On October 9, JYP Entertainment posted a notice to its site letting fans know about Jackson’s absence from his group’s fan signing event because of health concerns.

On October 10 and 11, JYP Entertainment posted 2 more notices to its site to let fans know that Jackson won’t be joining the fan signings on October 11 and October 13 as well as a special album event on October 14.

On October 10 notice they announced that Jackson won’t be attending the fan signing event on October 11 due to health issues, they apologized to fans who were anticipating seeing him in the event, they also added that there might be new notices in the future and added,

“If there are any additional schedule changes in the future we will inform you.”

On October 11, they came back with yet another statement confirming that Jackson will also be sitting out from fan signing on October 13 as well as a special album event on October 14.

They wrote,

“Following the doctor’s diagnosis and recommendation, Jackson will focus on taking care of his health and receive the rest needed.” “We ask for your understanding of our decision for his absence to prioritize our artist’s’ health.

We sincerely apologize for the unfortunate news to fans. We will do our best in the future to help our artist recover well.”

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