Girls’ Generation Tease Official Light Stick 

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Girls’ Generation dubbed the nation’s girl group has debuted back on August 5, 2007. Not too long ago, the group celebrated their 11th debut anniversary.

Shockingly, Girls’ Generation don’t have an official light stick which is something almost all girl and boy groups in South Korea have. Fans have been demanding a light stick from SM Entertainment for a very long time.

And finally, today on October 6, 2018 Girls’ Generation finally teased their official light stick.

The group shared first look at the light stick through their official Facebook account on October 6. The light stick has one of the group’s logos in pink.

Fans first found out there could be a light stick on the way back in August.

The group leader, Taeyeon, answered fans’ questions about the light stick; she said that the members have been following up on the production and that they will be releasing the light stick soon.

She added,

“We should have one. We should have had one. You will be able to see it soon.”

Taeyeon is a woman who sticks by her words, fans are now over the moon to see the light stick at last.

The light stick hasn’t been released officially yet but its estimated that fans will be flocking websites to get their first.

Check out the design:

What do you think of it? do you like it so far?

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