Girls’ Generation Taeyeon Teases Fans With The Group’s Official Light Stick

Girls’ Generation Taeyeon is happily showing off her group first official light stick, 11 years after their debut!

Previously, Girls’ Generation teased the light stick design and it was positively received by happy fans who couldn’t wait until they see the final version and get their hands on it.

On October 11, the leader Taeyeon shared two posts to her instagram account raving about the light stick; she shared a video and two photos.

In the video she waves it around and dances happily with her puppy Zero, the final logo is that of their “Mr. Mr.” era and fans were super happy to see her carrying it around.

The light stick opened for pre-orders this week ahead of Taeyeon’s upcoming solo concert, which will take place on October 20-21 at the Jamsil Indoor Gymnasium in Seoul.

Check out the video and photos below:


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S💖NE !!!!!!

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Are you excited about the light stick?

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