Girls Generation Sunny Updates Fans On Her Health Status

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Girls’ Generation’s Sunny has finally spoken up about her health to her worried fans.

Only recently, SM Entertainment announced that Sunny would leave MBC Every1’s ‘Video Star’ because of her knee injury.

In an instagram post, she wrote,

“I am healthy~~

I pushed myself to meet the expectations of fans because of the overwhelming support and love I received and ended up neglecting my health.

Back then, I thought there were more important things than my health, through experience, I realized that I can only deliver the best most positive energy when I am radiating with energy and healthy.”

She then added that she’s been trying to delay taking care of things she must and is now pursuing getting them done, she added,

“So I am not in the best state. However, I am improving from my previous state.”

She explained the reason she wrote this post to her instagram, it was because she noticed how rare it has been for her to make time and talk to fans and share her own worries.

She also added that she well aware of the outpouring love and support fan have for her and explained that this was why she is taking time to take care of herself so she could meet her fans in a better image.

She added,

“I hope that you are happy and joyful with thoughts of me rather than worrying about me. I hope that SONE also take good care of their health…. let’s be happy for a long time together!!! Once again I’m healthy~~~.”

Fans feel even more thankful that Sunny shared this update with them, they appreciate the sincere reply about her current health status. Fans from all over the world have been sending best wishes for the recovery of Sunny and will wait for her until she gets better.


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