Father Of Two The East Light Members Talk About His Son Trauma Due To What Happened


The East Light members have been a lot in the news lately. It was revealed that the young boys withstood physical, mental and verbal abuse from producer A.

On October 18, news outlet Xportsnews reported that the members of The East Light have been verbally abused by Media Line Entertainment CEO Kim Chang Hwan and physically abused by producer “A” since 2015 until now.

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Lee Seok Chul, a former member of the band, held a press conference with his lawyer and explained in graphic details what used to happen to him and his younger brother.

On October 23 episode of “Access Showbiz Tonight” Lee Seok Chul’s father spoke up about his son’s trauma due to what they experienced.

Mr. Lee said,

“I haven’t been able to fall asleep in 4 days and it feels like my insides are turning out. Seung Hyun still wakes up while asking for someone to save him.”

Lee Seok Chul spoken about his younger brother ordeal and how he’s now getting psychological treatment due to the trauma.

Mr. Lee added,

“My heart hurts thinking about the pain that Seung Hyun had to endure locked up in that room.

They still take medications to fall asleep and Seung Hyun is still undergoing therapy for his trauma.”

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