EXO-Ls Upset That Lay Isn’t In His Group’s Comeback Teaser Photos


Today, SM Entertainment announced a lot of happy news to fans.

It announced that Lay would be taking part in the comeback of his group as he has recorded for the Chinese version of the title song and revealed he would be in the comeback MV.

EXO has also released the first EVER teasers of the upcoming release “Don’t Mess Up My Tempo.” Fans looked for the ninth member Lay and weren’t happy when they found out that Lay wasn’t included in these photos.

Despite SM Entertainment stating that he participated in the comeback MV shooting, he is nowhere.

Fans comments ranged from sheer shock to people bashing the label, some others defended the label and the choice not to include Lay which is because of the tense relations between China and Korea.

While some others tried to explain that Lay is only in the Chinese version of the MV.

A fan wrote,

“That’s 8 not 9, SM open the f**ck up.”

One another wrote,

“I don’t think Lay is coming back for good.  I think he is more successful solo in China than he is in Korea with EXO.  I wanna see what he will do when his contract is going to expire.  I hope EXO has a successful comeback.”

Others explained,

What do you personally think of this?

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