EXO-Ls Furious After Hanteo Chart Admits To Manipulating EXO’s Chinese Album Sales


In huge news of charts today, we have Hanteo Chart that made headlines after it revealed that it tampered with EXO’s Chinese album sales.

The chart released an official lengthy post to its official Twitter account coming clean a year after what had happened, they explained that a former employee had manipulated the charts in a way that made it count less than it actually was.

These rumors previously spread last year but the chart didn’t address it as fans had expected which led to even more outrage.

After 14 months and on October 18 they released an official statement apologizing to fans and explaining what happened. They also explained that they created a new album certification system for international K-pop fans.

They began their statement by apologizing to all Kpop fans and explained that the employee has been fired since.

The chart goes on to explain that they are also Kpop fans and add,

“We have become even more cautious, and we find the situation to be a difficult one.”

They also explained that the employee strived to be a good one but in the process did things not in accordance with the way the Hanteo operates.

They also explained they would be implanting a new system and explained how it’ll be fairer to all Kpop fans. The statement explains the new system and how it’ll operate in a better way to ensure all Kpop fans purchases count fairly.

They added,

“We consider all fandoms all over the world to be equal. We have no bias against any country or any prejudiced intentions whatsoever.”

For the full statement here is a link to Soompi.com, they have summarized it beautifully read it to understand what the changes will be and find more about the issue.

The chart added in its statement that fans wont have to worry anymore.

However, the news didn’t lessen the burn for all EXO-Ls who said ‘it’s a little too late.’ The fans also pointed out that EXO should have been mentioned in the statement since its about the group in particular.

How do you personally feel about this?

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