Twitter is on fire as we speak, EXO has revealed the FIRST ever teaser of their highly anticipated comeback of 2018 and EXO-Ls are extremely happy.

EXO shared a video of what appears to be a new logo ahead of the group’s comeback with the hashtags #weareoneEXO #EXO #EXOComingSoon.

The image is rather unique, its that of what appears to be tire tracks. So far, EXO-Ls came up with a lot of theories of what it could be.

EXO-Ls were so excited that they actually trended the hashtag #EXOComingSoon to twitter, its now on number 3 with more than 500K tweets.

It has been previously revealed that EXO had shot their comeback music video. The excitement is at all time high despite the fact that EXO hasn’t announced the exact comeback date yet.

Judging from SM Entertainment usual schedule, it could be that EXO is coming back in mid to late October 2018. NCT 127 are coming back on October 12, EXO might be the next artist to come back.


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