E’dawn Opens Up An Instagram Account

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Earlier today, Cube Entertainment officially announced that HyunA has left the agency, however, the agency didn’t mention anything about Pentagon’s E’Dawn.

A couple of hours after the news broke out, HyunA shared a couple of photos of her outing with friends including boyfriend E’Dawn. They looked especially happy together.

E’Dawn has opened up his personal Instagram account today. He shared photos of what appears to be his time in Japan (HyunA had also posted photos of their time together there). He also shared a photo of himself in blue hair which also appears to be from the same outing his girlfriend HyunA had posted earlier today.

He is the first member of his group to officially open his own account, fans are now wondering whether things are also over with E’Dawn and his label.

Check out the photos he posted below:


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My Reaction

I don’t know what to make of this and how to feel about this… I am worried and have a feeling it might end soon!

I was upset that cube didn’t mention anything of E’Dawn in their official statement, I wanted closure.

If he’s doing this and opening an Instagram account with photos that are of a similar time stamp that his girlfriend shares I doubt he’s staying. Its like he’s defying the label and I don’t think this will settle well with them.

I just hope that he’s not leaving; I am still clinging on the hope that he is only going on hiatus and not leaving.

Like I said he’s the biggest victim in this entire ordeal and probably the one who’ll struggle the most to bounce off of that. Fans (Koreans) are not on his side and I am still wondering what path he’ll take and who will help him with that path.

I hope that cube gives us closure soon!

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