Does MONSTA X Feel Pressure For Being Called ‘The Next BTS’?

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MONSTA X is one of the most beloved Kpop groups by international fans.

Their catchy lyrics and cool dance moves have captured fans hearts and gave them a huge fanbase of international fans.

They have been making more appearances in the U.S and gaining more popularity, they are often being compared to BTS, a fellow Kpop group that also achieved global success on an unprecedented level.

MONSTA X had wrapped up their world tour recently and even made headlines, they guest appeared on ‘Good Day New York,’ and ‘Good Day LA.’

Recently, during their comeback showcase, they talked about being called the group that will follow BTS.

Wonho said,

“BTS sunbaenims have definitely opened the path for us. I am grateful for being called the ones who will follow them, we also find the group amazing.

Every time I hear the title, it makes me think that I need to work harder to show an amazing performance so it won’t offend the sunbaenims.”

Kihyun also said,

“There is BTS sunbaenims and also many other Kpop groups who helped spread the wave, so I really felt the difference of our second world tour.

During our world tour, we have a lot of interviews and broadcasts and I could sense the Kpop’s influence has reached the world and become greater.”

MONSTA X are now busy promoting their newest album “Are You There?” with the title track “Shoot Out.”

MONSTA X unique colors definitely set them apart from many other Kpop groups. They have a great international fandom who always helps introduce the world to them.

Do you think MONSTA X will follow BTS?

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