BTS RM Announces Details For His Second Mixtape “Mono”


Two hours ago, the fandom of BTS was hit with sudden news, RM is releasing his second mixtape and everybody is panicking!

On October 21 at midnight KST, RM surprised his fans by revealing the tracklist for his upcoming mixtape that will be titled Mono. The word ‘Mixtape” was crossed out and replaced with “Playlist.”

According to the released photos, the tracklist has seven tracks, it has a special set of collaborations including one with the famous chart-topping band Nell.

Three of the tracks are collaborations with other artists. “Seoul” is produced by HONNE, an English electronic duo, and “Bad Bye” and “Everything goes” are collaborations with eAeon and NELL, respectively.

The rest of the tracks are titled “Tokyo,” “Moonchild,” uh Good,” and “Forever Rain.”

What’s even more shocking is that army have only two days to prepare for this sudden announcement. The mixtape will be released on October 23.

BTS has just wrapped up their Europe tour leg and will be free for now; the boys will tour Japan starting on November 13. Fans are wondering whether there will be a music video for any of the tracks.

Fans were so excited that Mono trended worldwide on Twitter, it stayed at the number one spot for a while and is now at number two.


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