BTS Referred To As ‘The Beatles For The 21st Century,’ Fans Feel Conflicted


BTS are now back in Seoul, but they did rock Europe and the U.S with the records they broke with their tour tickets sale and TV appearances.

They have broken a lot of records visiting London, so much so that BBC (a British public service broadcaster) named them “the Beatles for the 21st century.”

Of course, this line isn’t easy to say since the Beatles are considered one the best things that happened to music during the 20th century. They are one of the biggest bands in the world and their legacy lives on.

BTS had completely sold out London’s O2 Arena which can take up to 20,000 fans; they performed there for two days. They broke two records with that, they sold the most amount of merchandise at the arena (previously held by The Rolling Stones since 2012), and the announcement of the two concerts has also officially become The O2’s most popular show announcement of all time. (According to Metro)

They also made their first TV show appearance on the hugely popular show “The Graham Norton Show” where they wowed with their performance and sat around to chat with the guests and the host Graham Norton.

BBC said,

“They’re the Beatles for the 1st Century, a global pop sensation that generates mania and devotion in equal measure.”

The Guardian also wrote,

“BTS have changed the face of pop, as the first Korean group to reach the upper echelons of the western music industry.”

How do you feel about BTS being compared to the Beatles?


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